Family Care, Not Just Patient Care

Agapé Hospice is the largest hospice provider in South Carolina. The team approach utilized by the staff of our House & Suites will combine the professional skills of doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, social workers, chaplains, and valuable volunteers.

The effect of this approach will wrap your loved one in a blanket of care at his or her most critical time of need. The burden and anxiety of providing care is completely lifted from the family members, allowing them to be available for the emotional support of their loved one and each other. You will have peace of mind knowing that all of your loved one’s needs are being managed and that everything is being done to make him or her as comfortable as possible.


  • Medicare and Medicaid pay 100% for Routine Hospice Care
  • Medicare and Medicaid cover short term crisis care (General Inpatient) at 100% in our Hospice Suites. 
  • Private Pay long-term stay is available in our Hospice House and Suites
  • For more information on what Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance cover, please review the coverage chart on the National Hospice and Palliative care Organization website


Other Amenities

  • Team station where a caring staff of physicians, professional hospice nurses, chaplains, and social workers are available.
  • Full-service kitchen where individualized patient meals will be freshly prepared
  • Spacious family room
  • Kitchenette for family and guests
  • Chapel for quiet time, prayer, and reflection with loved ones


Agapé Senior maintains a qualified volunteer staff to enhance our company’s ongoing pursuit of excellence. Life Enrichment volunteers offer an extra dimension of care and service to patients and their families by stimulating them every day with activities, socialization, exercise and interaction.

  • Our “Life Enrichment Volunteer Program” is open to anyone. We welcome caring people who have some time to share with others, a desire to give of themselves, a sense of responsibility and a willingness to be flexible and learn new skills.
  • Student volunteers are eligible to participate in the volunteer program. Student volunteers have an opportunity to learn about healthcare related careers and earn community service credit, while providing the same caring services. 
  • Opportunities for volunteering at Agapé are endless. You will be working with our life enrichment specialists to make a difference in the everyday lives of Agapé Senior residents, Agapé Hospice patients, and their families. 


We would like to thank you for the great care you took of our grandmother during her last days. Your nurses and techs were very caring and the equipment you supplied was so helpful. We knew we were in good hands and the peace of mind was invaluable during such a precarious time.
— Melissa Hollis, Granddaughter

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is hospice just for people with terminal cancer?
A. Hospice is available to any person with a life limiting illness which includes cancer as well as any non-cancer diagnoses such as congestive heart failure and chronic lung disease.

Q. Do you need to leave your home when you are put on hospice? 
A. Hospice is a philosophy of care not a place. Hospice can be provided in private homes, nursing homes, assisted living facilities as well as hospice houses.

Q. Is hospice care available after hours? 
A. Hospice care is available on-call after normal business hours; most hospices have nurses available to respond within minutes if necessary. Many hospice care organizations have chaplains and social workers on-call as well.

Q. Can I get hospice services if I am already in a long-term care facility? 
A. Hospice services can be provided to a terminally ill patient wherever they live. The hospice and the nursing facility will have a written agreement in place in order for the hospice to provide services in the facility.

Q. When is the right time to ask about hospice? 
A. Although end-of-life care may be difficult to discuss, it is best for family members to share their wishes long before it becomes a concern.

Q. Should I wait for the doctor to suggest hospice? 
A. Many times it will require that the family member ask the attending physician about the hospice option. Some doctors are reluctant to talk with family members about hospice because they do not want to give the impression that there is no hope of recovery.

Q. Who pays for hospice services? 
A. If the patient has Medicare and meets hospice eligibility requirements, then Medicare will pay as much as 100% of the costs. In such a case there is no deductible and no co-payment.

Q. Is all hospice care the same? 
A. No, Most communities have more than one hospice provider. Medicare requires certified hospices provide a basic level of care but the quantity and quality of services can vary significantly. To find a quality hospice provider, ask your doctor, clergy member, health care professionals, social workers or friends that have received care for a family member.

Q. Can a hospice patient that shows signs of recovery return to normal medical treatment? 
A. Yes. If the patient’s condition improves and the disease seems to be in remission, the patient can be discharged from hospice and returned to an aggressive treatment or just to go on with their daily life.

Q. Does hospice provide 24 hour care? 
A. Hospice staff are on-call for emergencies 24 hours per day. Hospice care does not include a nurse in the home 24/7. If the patient requires more care than what can be provided in the home, some hospices have their own inpatient facilities. Larger communities will have Post-Acute Care Centers, hospitals, and even Hospice Houses that can be utilized for this higher level of care.


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