Can Your Loved One Function at Home Without a Caregiver?

Ask yourself these questions to help you make that decision.


  1.  Can this person read and understand medication?
  2. Will this person be able to properly administer medications to themselves?
  3. Will this person be able to care for themselves daily including bathing and dressing?
  4. Will this person be able to prepare three healthy meals a day?
  5. Can this person maintain their home adequately, such as housekeeping, laundry, caring for pets, disposing of trash, etc.?
  6. Can this person recall recent events, such as, did I take my medication, did I eat, did I bathe today, when is my next appointment, do I need to refill medication, etc.?
  7. Can this person communicate their needs and any changes in health condition?
  8. Will this person be able to move about safely in their home?
  9. Will this person have the necessary safety equipment to live at home, such as a shower chair, walker, wheelchair, handrails, etc.?
  10. Will this person be able to access help if they need it?
  11. Will this person have someone to check on them daily?
  12. Can this person safely drive or is there transportation available for errands and medical appointments?
  13. Will this person have opportunities for socialization?
  14. Is this person aware of their surroundings? Can they recall their home address, phone number, and phone numbers of family or caregivers?
  15. Is this person relying on an elderly spouse who may not be an adequate caregiver?