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Agapé Senior Assisted Living

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"Our home isn't equipped to be able to house and provide for Granny...and due to the reality of her future health needs, we don't need to look to our home as an option, but rather to a facility like Agapé to help her in her future transitions." Kimberly Branch, family member of Agapé assisted living resident.


Begin a new chapter in your life with Agapé Senior assisted living.

Millions of Americans are faced with a common dilemma: how to decide if their aging loved ones are mentally and physically capable of providing for their own well-being. While aging is a natural process, it can be an unpredictable and potentially traumatic one. As parents or other family members become less and less active and able, their need for assistance becomes more and more pronounced. In many cases significant changes can occur overnight. With other individuals, a marked decline in health is gradual and can be imperceptible to casual observers.

DSC_0526Assisted living is for adults who need assistance with daily activities. They may need help dressing, preparing meals, using the bathroom and/or bathing. Residents in assisted living facilities have a range of capabilities and may be quite mobile and, in large part, independent. Residents in nursing homes or skilled nursing facilities require a higher level of medical care and supervision. Choosing the appropriate time for transition to an assisted living facility is a major decision for the family. Friends and associates who have recently been through this transition may also be helpful as will clergy members who are familiar with your family’s situation.

A senior's transition to assisted living signals the beginning of a new chapter in his or her life. Exactly how this new chapter is approached and written depends very greatly on the nature of the preceding chapters of the senior’s life story. The highly-trained and personable staff at Agapé Senior values the tremendous variety that is evident in the life stories of seniors: stories that are continually written and spoken in the rooms, courtyards, and hallways of Agapé Senior. In addition to individual capabilities, individual preferences are important considerations when seniors and families meet with Agapé staff to discuss senior living options. In working with seniors and their families, Agapé staff members consider the uniqueness of each senior’s “story,” while encouraging independence and dignity for all residents.

Lady in a armchairAgapé Senior Assisted Living provides a wide variety of lifestyles with a range of options, services, and amenities that are tailored to the unique needs of individual seniors. The goal of Agapé Senior Assisted Living is to improve each resident’s well-being through a multi-faceted approach: an approach that addresses each senior’s physical, emotional, spiritual, social and mental needs. The available on-site, integrated services that enable Agapé to meet these needs include chaplain services, life-enrichment programs, therapy, ambulance services, pharmacy services and durable medical equipment provision. Effective and ongoing communication and cooperation between Agapé Senior’s integrated services consistently result in a smooth and seamless environment of care for the residents.

The living spaces at Agapé Senior give residents the comfort, privacy, and security they desire to make Agapé Senior feel like home. Rooms and apartments of a variety of sizes and floor plans are available to meet a wide range of needs, tastes and budgets. In addition, Agapé Senior provides delicious and nutritious meals, housekeeping services, social and group activities, salon services, manicured grounds and transportation.

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