Are Home Care and Health Care the Same?

What are the differences between HOME CARE and HOME HEALTH CARE?

Home health care generally focuses on client rehabilitation and traditional medical management for a specific medical condition or need.  Home care provides more general, non-medical assistance and care.

Home health care is more physician-driven and its services are specialized to meet the client’s specific rehabilitation or medical needs.  With home care, you personally decide what services you want and need.

Many home health care agencies specialize in serving medically fragile or chronically ill patients.  They tend to serve Medicare patients who are recuperating from a recent hospitalization or procedure. As hospital stays are getting shorter, more and more are going home with home health care, but most times that care is only short-term and usually requires a physician’s order.  Home health care provides services on a limited, set schedule. 
Home care is available to anyone at any time.  You do not need to have been in the hospital, and a physician’s order is not required.  Home care is a private service and not medically oriented.  With home care, you set the schedule on how often you want services.  There is also no time limit on home care, you can utilize home care for as long as you need or desire.

As health care evolves, so does in-home care. Many consumers prefer staying in their own homes for as long as they can before having to move to assisted living or other long-term care communities.  Home care can help extend the stay at home, and be that bridge for when a move to a long-term community is needed.  Home care can help in that transition and even stay on and provide services in the assisted living or skilled nursing community.